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Perła Karkonoszy

Perla Karkonoszy is situated in the centre of Karpacz and it is surrounded by a forest, by the "Bystryk" stream. "Kolorowa" Sports and Leisure Centre, Saline Cave, Solarium, Town Park and a taxi rank are in the contiguity. Convenient location with a picturesque view of Sniezka Mountain and high standard of the object make up the originality of it. It is a special place for those who want calm and silence, nearness of nature and expect a rest in perfect conditions and also for those who want to use the entertainments and attractions which are in Karpacz.


Spa & Wellness Center, where you can relax and take care of harmony of body and spirit. We have thought about many ways to relax and regenerate the body, you can choose the one that suits you best.

Magical place and amazing atmosphere

The high standard of service and the friendly and family atmosphere make our property remarkable.
We have a great time
Absolutly unique place

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  • Perła Karkonoszy
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  • Perła Karkonoszy